Starting The School Year with a Dental Checkup

As the summer is winding down and the new school year beginning, it’s important for your child to start on the right foot. After school supplies, new clothes, and some hefty sports gear, the next step is scheduling your child's dental appointment. The American Dental Association states that a dental checkup is just as important as a child’s immunizations and shots. Contact your local dental professional for scheduling. Now is the time to discuss healthy oral hygiene habits with your child. 

Tooth Decay in Children

The amount of children being treated for cavities is on the rise. The beginning of the school year creates the opportunity to evaluate your child’s dental routine and eating habits. 

One cause of tooth decay is the overconsumption of sugary drinks and foods. Packing your children healthy lunches makes all the difference. Substitute harmful substances with milk, cheese, raw vegetables and fruits, yogurt, and grains. Discuss the importance of making healthy food choices with your child. This is especially important if they buy their meals at school. 

A beginning-of-the-year checkup is an important step on the back-to-school checklist. During your child’s dental appointment, the dentist removes plaque and bacteria from the teeth. This stops decay right in its tracks. They also might discuss the use of sealants and fluoride treatments. A sealant is an innovate cavity prevention technique. It’s an acrylic-colored liquid painted onto the teeth. Sealants then form a barrier that keeps harmful bacteria away. It is quick and harmless, providing effective tooth protection. 

Only a dental professional can diagnose, prevent, and treat dental conditions. That’s why dental checkups are so important. Parents and teachers may not realize that there's a problem. An appointment now saves your child from any discomfort and loss of school time later on. 

Brushing and Flossing

Your dentist will notice how well your child is brushing and flossing. It’s a great time for both you and your child to learn which areas need improvement. Remember that regular flossing and brushing are necessary. Your child's mouth is changing rapidly at this point in their life. They need to accommodate these changes in their hygiene habits. The dentist can provide recommendations for techniques and products. You’ll need to have a toothbrush that’s appropriate for your child's age. Consider investing in fluoride toothpaste as well. Though it varies, change your child’s toothbrush every 3 months or so. Change them sooner after they recover from an illness. 

Healthy Smile, Healthy Child

Overall wellness is directly tied to your dental health. Scheduling your child's dental examination guarantees a healthier future. Let their smile brighten the upcoming school year. Contact us today to schedule a dental examination and checkup. 

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